How to properly clean roof tiles

Our first line of defense against the elements, including rain, snow, and heat, is our roofs. Roofs must be maintained in perfect condition. While metal and synthetic tiles will last up to 50 years, clay tiles can last for as long as 100 years. It is essential to know how to clean tiles properly to prevent damage and maintain a beautiful roof for many years.

Everybody noticed the black and green stains at the tops of their homes. They’re everywhere! They are everywhere!

Cleaning and maintaining roof tiles can have many benefits.

It is dangerous to climb on top of your home. Regular cleaning done by a professional can help to protect your health as well as the roof’s condition. Regular cleaning has other benefits:

  • It is possible to prevent further damage to your roof. You can prevent minor damage to your roof from leading to major leaks or mold spores, which will result in significant financial losses. Regular cleaning will reveal any damage early before it becomes more serious.
  • The aesthetic value – Stains and moss can affect the appearance of your house. Your roof will look clean and new again with regular cleaning.
  • Increases longevity – After cleaning, you have the option to reseal, prime, and repaint tiles. This will stop dirt and moss from getting into the tiles.
  • It will increase the roof’s longevity. After cleaning your tiles, you have the option to seal, prime, and paint them. These steps will stop dirt and moss from getting into your roof tiles.
How to properly clean roof tiles

Tile cleaning: Essential tools and techniques

Professional roof cleaners will have the right equipment and tools to clean your roof. You should not attempt to clean your roof yourself. Visit to read about Why is it important to maintain your roof?

  1. If you have any mossy areas on your roof, it is best to manually remove them from the tiles before the actual procedure. Then, use a strong cleaning agent to eliminate any organic growth and prevent new ones from forming in the future. Next, wash off any remaining residue.
  2. You can pressure wash. Pressure washing is an essential method for roof tile cleaning. It effectively removes any moss and mildew buildups. Because clay and concrete tiles have smaller pores, they are harder to clean with a pressure washer. To avoid potential damage, only clean them with a pressure washer between 1,200 and 1,500 psi.
  3. Use strong cleaning chemicals – Strong cleaning chemicals and other cleaning agents are essential for roof cleaning. Professional roof cleaning companies recommend sodium hydroxide-based products. These products are safer, more eco-friendly, and just as effective as degreasers. It’s also cost-effective and easy to clean roof tiles with a chlorine and water solution.

Do you have to clean your roof tiles yourself?

A clay tile roof should only be cleaned after five years. It may be necessary to clean it once a year after that to maintain the color’s shine and durability. It may only need to be cleaned every few years in other cases. It all depends upon the roof’s overall condition, weather conditions, and other pertinent factors.

As we’ve already mentioned, roof cleaning can be dangerous and it is best to hire professionals. You can clean your roof with enough care and safety precautions.